Solid White Primed  

Solid White primed are an upgrade to the standard hollow moulded doors. This is due to the fact they are manufactured with a semi solid core which give a more sturdy and quality feel. These doors come primed ready to paint.   They are available in solid or glazed. See below for both options.  Click in to the image to see in full.  See something you like? Fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can! 

worcester swp
Worcester Solid White Primed 
louis swp
Louis Solid White Primed 
dx30 swp
DX 30s Style SWP 
Costa Rica SWP 
Mexicano swp
Mexicano Solid White Primed 
florida swp
Florida Solid White Primed 
Coventry swp
Coventry Solid White Primed 
Hastings SWP  
regency swp
Regency 6 Panel SWP 
4-Panel shaker swp
4 Panel Shaker SWP 
Canterbury swp
Canterbury Solid White Primed 
Hove SWP 
maine swp
Maine Solid White Primed 
1 panel swp
1 panel Solid White Primed 
Knightsbridge SWP 
Dover SWP 

Solid White Primed Glazed Doors  

mexicano SWP Glazed
Mexicano SWP Glazed 
Columbia Narrow glazed
Florida SWP Glazed 
10 panel glazed
Manhatten SWP Glazed  
Knightsbridge SWP Glazed 
6 panel galzed
Worcester SWP Glazed 
columbia wide glazed
Downham SWP Glazed 
10 panel glazed
1 panel SWP Glazed  
10 panel glazed
15 light SWP  
4 panel Glazed
4 Panel Shaker SWP Glazed (clear) 
2 panel frosted glazed
Coventry SWP Glazed 
Venezuela glazed
Canterbury 6 light SWP Glazed 
arched top glazed
Vermont SWP Glazed (clear) 
4 panel arched glazed
Louis SWP Glazed (clear) 
10 panel glazed
Canterbury 2 light SWP Glazed 
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